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José Beut ( Valencia, Spain,1958)


He started in photography in 1980 and through the Photographic Association Valenciana took his first steps in learning the photographic technique.

After a long time without take pictures, and with the arrival of digital cameras, he took up again in 2006 the most intensive dedication, participating in photography forums and acquiring knowledge, also in a self-taught way, about digital publishing.

His current favorite themes are the landscape of long day exposure, architecture, urban situations (street-photo) and travel photography.

He has exhibited individually in Spain:Cordoba, Sant Just D`esvern, Calella, Igualada, Valencia, Paterna, Alaquas, Antequera, Bilbao, Gernika, Arcos de la Frontera, Oviedo, and also in other countries like :Romania and Dublin.

Collectively in Cairo, Rome, China, Paris, Romania and Slovenia.


Since the end of 2010 he has participated in various photography competitions, obtaining prizes over 250 national and international competitions, among which are:

    Twenty Awards of Honor (Insgnia azul FIAP) as best author in International Salons with FIAP sponsorship.
    Gold Medal at the prestigious Al-Thani Awards 2014

He has also obtained numerous medals and distinctions awarded in international halls under the patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de L`art Photographique), PSA (Photographic Society of America), UPI (United Photographers International), ISF (Image Sans Frontiere) and IAAP ( International Association of Art Photographers)

He has participated as a jury in: III International Photography Exhibition of Xátiva, Gipuzkoa International Trophy, II Iberian Photography Circuit, I Intercontinental Photography Circuit, and 62nd National Photography Salon of Xátiva

He is a partner of:

FIAP (Federation Internationale de L`art Photographique)

CEF (Spanish Confederation of Photography)

FLF (Levantine Federation of Photography)

GFAL (Grup Fotográfic D`Almenara)

It belongs to the Collective 1: 1

It has the following distinctions:

EFIAP (Excellence by the International Federation of Photographic Art)

MCEF / p (Silver Master by the Spanish Confederation of Photography)

MFLF (Master of the Levantine Federation of Photography)

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